Italy with Kids 

It is so much fun to see Italy through a child’s eyes…my six-year old son is always armed with his little, blue, plastic, Fisher Price camera (he takes hundreds of photos and goes through SO many batteries!) and full of opinions about everything! He asked if he could post something about Italy…so…here it is…Italy from a six-year old child’s perspective… 

“There are lots and lots and lots of great places to go in Italy, like Paestum and Lagopesole and Melfi and I love Pompeii!  The pizza is great!  I always order the pizza Margherita.  I like to get pastries at the coffee shop and I like to get hot milk with sugar for breakfast.  I love Italian ice cream!  I always get lemon and vanilla.”


“If your kids like volcanos, southern Italy is the place to be. Besides Mt. Vesuvius, there are other volcanic craters and formations and islands formed by volcanos” – Travelforkids Website.  It also has some good suggestions for things to do in Naples with Kids, an excellent list of Children’s Books About Pompeii and Herculaneum and a list of must-sees when visiting Pompeii with children.

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